Spring  2022

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                Spring 2022 After School Class Schedule
Greetings Everyone!
Our class registration system has changed and is simpler now. 
Email us of your interest in a class and we'll tell you if it's still open.
If so, we will send you an invoice and registration form to return to us. 
Then pay via Paypal to our email address, "info@VamosChicos.com"
or give us a check made out to Vamos Chicos. 
You may also register after a class has started and payment is pro-rated. 
They will then be registered and ready to attend.
Any further questions, you may email us at
info@VamosChicos.com or call us at 678-512-9170.  

Week Nights & Weekends are open for events, parties & more classes


The rest of this page and the info below is under construction.  Please ignore below.

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