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Our Eco-Arts Bus and Makerspace studio is a converted bus. It is a classroom outside the classroom - a studio for arts, a workshop for crafts, a lab for science, and mainly, a progressive space that nurtures research and invention via the fusion of the Arts and Conservation.  It’s a space designed to instill creativity while inspiring interest in constructing in a makerspace .


We add ‘A’, representing the arts, to S.T.E.M. which makes STEAM!  We explore the use of recycled materials while encouraging responsibility for the environment.  We emphasize the use of the space and the presentation of materials in an aesthetic way which will have an impact on the learner’s way of interacting with the environment.



A goal of our Eco-Bus is to stimulate the awareness of green living.  It also has technology allowing for many varied activities for different age groups. Our Eco-bus is not just a place of learning, but a place where children can explore and be inspired to create and think to their full potential in many ways and in many languages. Our comfortable safe environment promotes multi-sensory learning, especially for those children in their early years. Our Eco-Bus also develops skills in problem solving, socialization and confidence, while expanding the children’s knowledge in Spanish and S.T.E.A.M. subjects.

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