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Our program focuses on the Arts, Science, Ecology and Spanish.  The classes integrate the use of the Spanish language with subjects such as Early Literacy, Art, Music and Movement, Drama, Math, Construction & Design and STEAM.

Meet the Founders
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Katterina and Michael moved six years ago to the Atlanta area.  They love the combination of nature, industrial and multicultural life that this city has to offer. They are both artists and teachers, and are passionate about all of the Arts.  


She is a native of Peru.  She has lived in the U.S. for 20+ years, while teaching preschool and grade school.  She has taught in many countries and also speaks German.  She studied Artes Plasticas in The PUC of Lima, Peru, and later earned her degree in Art Education from the Inter Americana University of Puerto Rico.



He is a native of Florida.  He has taught all ages—from college to preschool, while directing and acting in over 50 theatrical productions.  He holds two degrees in Theater—a Bachelor’s from the University of Florida, and a Master’s from Baylor University, Texas.


We are committed to share our passion for the Arts and love of nature, and to make it more accessible to everyone. Classes are taught in a fun bilingual setting, no matter what level they’re at.  We take from different approaches such as Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, Project-Based Learning, Project Zero, along with Project Spectrum & Montessori.  We believe that our role as educators is more that of a guide and facilitator. We are committed to motivate our students to become problem-solvers and collaborators.  We strive for the students to see themselves as confident creators, artist and also conscious of their environment and compassionate to all.

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