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Preschools – Home Schooled Groups – After School Groups

                Elementary Schools & Middle Schools 

Birthday Parties  – Team Building & Corporate Events

What We Do

Our Eco-Arts & Makerspace Bus brings a dual lingual-immersion Spanish class to our Reggio-infused Project-Based Learning approach.  Our program fits all learning styles because of the way in which our classes are conducted.  We present the students with a challenge and they apply their creativity and problem-solving skills in a variety of hands-on activities while simultaneously communicating in Spanish and English.  Students explore Eco-Arts and science while working with simple materials like recyclables or items found in nature. Our bus is a low-tech Makerspace because it’s not only a building/construction zone but it's also a STEAM class that incorporates drama activities.  Participants increase their confidence and expand their creativity as they experiment and learn to take risks as they create. Studies prove that classes in art involving hands-on learning experiences help students develop their skills in problem-solving and collaboration while building confidence.

Why Dual Immersion?

Studies also show a dual language class benefits learners of both languages, including ESL students and native English speakers.  This helps all students develop literacy and communication skills, and students who are studying a second language also tend to do better in their academic classes. 

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