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Preschools – Home Schooled Groups – After School Groups

                Elementary Schools & Middle Schools 

Birthday Parties  – Team Building & Corporate Events

What We Do

Our Eco-Arts & Makerspace classes incorporate a dual lingual-immersion Spanish class to our Reggio-infused Project-Based Learning approach. Our program fits all learning styles because of the way in which our classes are conducted.  We present the students with a challenge and they apply their creativity and problem-solving skills in a variety of hands-on activities while simultaneously communicating in Spanish and English. Students explore Eco-Arts and science while working with simple materials like recyclables or items found in nature.


We offer our classes of Arts & Facts and Cardboard Engineering. The class of CBE offers a low-tech Makerspace that's a building/construction zone and also a STEAM class. Participants increase their confidence and expand their creativity as they experiment and learn to take risks as they create. Studies prove that classes in art involving hands-on learning experiences help students develop their skills in problem-solving and collaboration while building confidence.

Why Dual Immersion?

Studies also show a dual language class benefits learners of both languages, including ESL students and native English speakers.  This helps all students develop literacy and communication skills, and students who are studying a second language also tend to do better in their academic classes. 

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